Ok so where to start... I started Ripped Gym Basildon on the 23rd of march 2019 after recommendation from my good friend Matt Lewis, who has been coming to Ripped for few years. He was at my sons football match and I was so out of breath just walking from one 5 a side pitch to the next... When Matt said to me “come on mate, come to the gym with me.  We need to get you in shape, you have two young kids and a wife, the way you are going your a walking heart-attack!!!”  This hit me hard... I knew he was right but being honest, when he said RIPPED GYM I thought no way I can go in there, I’m going to look silly!  I’m fat and not going to be able to do what the others can do.. But agreed to go along... Well how wrong was I!! Ripped is the most friendly place..!! Everyone is doing their own thing, no judging me, no one staring at me.. I work my arse off day in day out.. Have changed my lifestyle, no drinking in the week, stopped eating junk..Eating Ripped Gym meals for lunch and dinner to keep me on track.

Motivated and staying on track everyday.

Started Ripped at 24st 9lb today I’m currently 20st 2lb.

My waist size was 48”-50” today I’m 36”-38” my clothes was size 4XL today I’m now 2XL but so close to XL

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