Officially started my fitness journey in 2011 following seeing the picture on the left.  I was severely overweight and unhappy with zero self confidence.  I initially went down the route of "wanting to be thin" which resulted in starvation, binging and purging.  This went on until 2015 where I first discovered my love for weightlifting by doing BodyPump classes and realising I needed food to fuel my body and workouts.

I first ventured into Ripped Basildon in Aug 2017 and I was absolutely terrified! I'd previously been a member of a commercial gym but had seen countless posts on social media about Ripped and the leg equipment looked insane so I'd been dying to see it for myself.  Slowly but surely I built my confidence up and come January 2018 became a permanent member. Being in a gym like Ripped Basildon seriously pushed me out of my comfort zone but has been one of the best decisions I've made to date.  Not only has my body changed, my mindset is completely different and my confidence is at an all time high.  There is something so refreshing about being around likeminded people and I can safely say I have met some of the most amazing people through this gym.  The support I have received from members and staff has always been second to none and has helped me push on both mentally and physically.  The last few years have been such a learning curve and I truly have Ripped to thank for that.

If you want to train somewhere with amazing equipment, good atmosphere and friendly staff/members then this is the place to be without a shadow of a doubt!

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Open everyday of the year including Christmas Day!

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