Where to start........

After years of hoping and dreaming the weight was just going to find it’s own way off my body I decided to commit to a slight lifestyle adjustment.

Made the jump and decided to take my nan down to show her I was serious and show her where I would be training and transforming @ripped gym Basildon.

Within days of signing on the dotted line I was linked up with a personal fitness trainer (a little scary at first), and later becoming a great strength, life coach and more so my motivation, good friend and amazing support from both Maj and the ripped family.

12 months in and we are 12 stone from where we first began!! (CRAZY)

From running my first km since I was at school all the way through to completing the London marathon 2019!! What a year it has been so far!!

Don’t know where I would be if I had not of walked in to Ripped Gym Basildon just over a year ago!! But thank God I made the jump!! Feeling fitter and stronger then ever and excited for what is still to come.


If only there was a #rippedgym Australia

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