Ripped Gym Basildon's New Website

Ripped Gym Basildon has a brand new website and we think you’re going to love it.

After months of planning we’ve launched our new website and now we’ve got a blog too. We partnered with a local business called Top Frog – a company run by one of our gym members. The company specialise in creating websites, social media and content for small businesses like us. As the director understood what our gym was about we jumped at the chance to work with them.

We spent many hours going through everything that’s needed by Ripped Gym Basildon and the best way to show off our award-winning strength training facility. Our photography was all updated and you will see a plentiful mix all the Ripped Gym Basildon family from award-winning bodybuilders to casual gym goers and endurance athletes. You know us, we’ve got them all!

If you have been following us on social media you will probably will have seen us creating this website over the last few months. Each section has been created such as gym memberships and ripped kitchen.

We wanted a website that is as good as our gym.

How that benefits you:

Better Contact

Through our online channels you will now be able to talk to somebody at the gym much much quicker than before. If you message us through this website, or on facebook or Instagram we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. When we get some downtime in the gym, we will get back to you.

You can ask about supplements, arrange personal training and whatever else you may need from Ripped Gym Basildon.

More Inspiration & Great Information

Our blog and social media will be packed with content that all gym lovers are going to enjoy.  Not only will we have important information, we can now open the blog up to our personal trainers and share stories from our gym members.


It’s always nice to save a few pounds on the things you buy. On this blog and website we will be sure to keep it updated with the latest promotional offers from money off food, drinks, supplements and gym membership offers. You will see these on here and the Ripped Gym Basildon social channels.


Keep yourself updated with the things that are happening at Ripped Gym Basildon. We’re always talking about our amazing gym staff, the fantastic achievements and improvements Ripped are doing to the gym. Recent additions include new pieces of cardio equipment, strength training equipment and loads of new free-weights too.

But, let's hear your say!

Have a look around the website and on social media and give us some feedback. We would love to know what you would like to see on the blog, social media or website and we can try and make it happen for you.

Would you like some training tips from our personal trainers? Maybe some recipes from nutritionists or just want to know what’s been happening at the gym?  We’re a family here at Ripped Gym Basildon and we would love to hear from you.  

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